Structure and Certification Accreditation Service

Accreditation Service – The third version of ITIL offers a modular approach to certification. It consists of a series of certifications that focus on different aspects of ITIL, up to various levels of detail. The following structure gives students flexibility, and also makes ITIL certification achievable and accessible. The level of certification is: Foundation Certificate provides knowledge of the concept, term, structure and process of ITIL concepts to students. Each stream has its own set of qualifications. The rationalization module, known as Managing across the Lifecycle, is also part of this certification.

accreditation service

Expert Certificate, Intended for people interested in acquiring superior skills in ITIL v3. This level of certification will provide a great boost for an individual career. Master Certificate – There is an increasing need for knowledge and skills in IT Service Management. This qualification helps meet these demands, and focuses on experienced people such as senior executives and accreditation service. The ITIL Accreditation Scheme, the APM group is an official Accreditor, and therefore, has the authority to assess and license the Inspection Agency to provide ITIL accreditation and accreditation. If an organization is approved by the APM Group, permission is granted to implement the ITIL training program, and will be able to operate under the ITIL scheme guidelines. In addition, it will also have a position on the Qualifying Board.

The Examining Agency, the APM group authorizes the Inspection Agency to offer a professional qualification at ITIL. Through a wide network of accredited training institutes, trainers and course materials, Inspection Agencies are permitted to conduct ITIL checks. All Examination Bodies have representatives in the ITIL Qualification Board. This entity is accredited by the Licensing Inspection Institute to provide training in ITIL. This accreditation procedure includes a rigorous assessment of the material, coaches, and enterprise management systems, and ensures high-quality courses. ATO and its legitimate affiliates, themselves, are licensed to teach this course. All of these courses include OGC official trademarks, course materials and brands. Accreditation service has been implemented by several organizations around the world, such as Disney, UK National Health Service and NASA. Service providers, such as inspection agencies and consultants, also use ITIL.



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